Where is the God?

We become travelers and travel worldwide, and the day becomes the evening before we can find a friend. We do not know that the friend is within us, together with the universe: Nirvana.

Is there any place we don't go? We go walking, vacation, chat, go to a mosque, tavern. We go to social media; we go to reading; we go to writing. Unconsciously, we often go to the past, go to the future. Thoughts, dreams, and fiction drag us after. The chattering mind that can't shut up and the restless body that can't calm down is always at work, pulling us one after the other. We fall after desires, drives, and habits as voluntary enslaved people.

There is a voice within us that we cannot hear in all the turmoil of these travels. "Come closer, come closer!" it says. It calls us, "Arrive to here and to now, and come to yourself"...  It is right next to us on every journey, but we never visit it. Oh, if we could drop by! Everything is there. It is a place free from the body, thoughts, memories, senses, emotions, and time. It is the place Yunus's "There is me inside me" saying. Here is holiness, peace, tranquility, and love!

Hey Reader!

"Come closer, come closer!" "Come to here and to now!" and "Come to yourself!"

  • Anchor to here and to now, not to the past or future.
  • See yourself, not what you see.
  • Seek not what you are looking for, but the seeker, yourself.
  • Set forth to the passenger, that is, to yourself, not the road.
  • Everything is there.
  • Most important of all, God is there.

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