Goodbye 2021

Whether the day is going well or not, when you lay your head on the pillow in the evening, bittersweet memories of the day fly through your tired mind.

There would be a moment, you get stuck on one of these details, you dive into it, and you drown. Lots of other details similar to this call you to themselves too. You immediately run to them and manipulate one after another. You turn left and right in your bed.

Somewhere far away, vague sparks of hope wait for breath, to froth. If you inhale them deeply, the fire of peace will warm every particle of your body. You fall into a sweet sleep. You wake up fresh and calm to the new day in the morning. You are better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be even better…

Our world revolves around itself; it becomes day, becomes night. Revolves around the sun; it becomes spring, summer, and winter. It becomes the year with its breeze, storm, cold, and warmth.

O nizami! You turn around yourself; then you become the evolution, the maturity, the gratitude. You revolve around the world; then, you become the experiencing, the learning, and the evolving. Sometimes, you become the pain, the regret, the guilt, the anger… Who knows, you become the understanding and the forgiving? Every moment makes a new you.

Which ones rotate and flow, the world and the time or you?!  You are surprised!

How beautiful was the success, the joy, the happiness! How excellent was it to breathe, love, live… Hey beauties, come with me, stand by me always, and add new ones to yourselves… Goodbye, old pains, anxieties, guilts, regrets, anger… Stay where you are. O past! It does not matter how you taught me; thank you very much for everything.

O nizami! Let the calm and lively morning refreshment surround you as you reach out to the new year after the tiring days of this December. Bid farewell to the old year with gratitude, and welcome the new year with happiness, health, new hopes.

Let's raise the anchor
from the port of despair
Let's set sail
to loving hearts
from the ocean of magnificence

Goodbye 2021, hello 2022…

Picture uploaded by tuana ajans to Pixabay

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