Hello World!

English has become an international language. The name sign at the path entrance, which will convey our hello to the world, says "English." I decided to enter and walk along this road.

I have an introverted personality. Maybe, therefore I like to play with my thoughts and put them on paper from time to time. For enjoying reading, I have been learning about many subjects throughout my life. Also, it can be said that I have experienced the good and the bad aspects of life, for I am 60 now. When people blend information with experiences, they have a lot to write. Especially if it is possible to publish your posts on a blog, you want to write more.

My interests focus on personal development, psychology, educational sciences, spiritualism, and philosophy.

I can easily read and understand English books and various publications in my interest fields. But my English writing skills require improvement. I opened this blog to share my feelings, thoughts, knowledge, and experiences while improving my writing skills.

Here, I will publish my blog platform "netsentez"'s some posts and some from my diary by translating them into English. By synthesizing the information I have gained, life experiences, feelings, and thoughts, I will put myself into words.

My goal here is to improve my English writing skills step by step and embrace the world. Best wishes.
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